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  • 12-31-2020

    Clean clothes, shoes and daily necessities management

    Clean clothes and shoes cleaning management

  • 07-15-2021

    Cleanroom wiper|Jiangsu Myesde: The correct use of cleanroom wiper must strictly control the use environment

    Nowadays, in many industries the introduction of dust-free wipes is nothing more than to ensure the process of the product. Therefore, while using the clean cloth, is it necessary to ensure the environmental quality of the clean cloth?

  • 12-31-2020

    Safety precautions for clean rooms

    a. No items are allowed to be placed within 1 meter of fire extinguishers and escape doors, and emergency escape routes should be kept unblocked. b. If abnormal conditions (unknown sounds, smoke, unknown smells, etc.) are found in the clean room, notify the supervisor immediately. c. It is forbidden for production personnel and unrelated personnel to modify the equipment password or operate the buttons privately. d. When adjusting the machine, the engineer should press the emergency stop switch and hang the warning sign of "Shutdown Maintenance/Repair". When the two people cooperate, they must follow the "Prompt! Answer! Stop! Confirm! Answer!". Do not press the button without any confirmation to avoid injury! e. When the alarm sounds, evacuate from the safe passage immediately, and immediately contact the supervisor with the equipment, and call fire alarm: 119, emergency: 120 or 110 as appropriate.

  • 12-31-2020

    Document file management

    a. SOP file data must be placed in the designated file folder, and SOP files of each site must be placed in a prominent place according to regulations, and must not be moved at will, let alone scribble. b. Ensure that the SOP documents used in the production line must be the latest version and within the validity period. The expired ones will be reviewed by the production supervisor and assigned to be destroyed. c. All items and documents on site must be placed in accordance with the on-site 6S standard. d. All documents and materials brought into the clean room must be printed on clean paper, and the packaging and casing must be cleaned with clean cloth + alcohol

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