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  • 10-29-2022

    Anti-globalization Of The Semiconductor Industry Accelerates Industrial Development
    Anti-globalization of the semiconductor industry accelerates industrial development In 2021, the semiconductor market has been in short supply. In order to meet the market demand, major semiconductor manufacturers plan to expand production capacity, including TSMC, Intel have announced tens of billi
  • 10-29-2022

    LED Helps Visual Digitization And Opens A Market
    LED helps visual digitization and opens a market"Hundred cities, thousand screens" spawned new opportunities ultra high definition large screens to accelerate the landing On October 19,2021, the six departments jointly launched the notice of "Thousands of screens in 10 0 cities" UHD video landing pr
  • 10-20-2022

    IC Industry Counterattack Road Shenzhen's "Core" Strength
    The IC industry counterattack road of Shenzhen's "core" strength According to the recent white Paper on IC Industry Atlas and Regional Development in the series of white papers of Ali Cloud Innovation Center, chips are the base of the digital economy, running through the entire hardware and softwar
  • 10-14-2022

    【Science Tips】 l What standards should the clean cloth in the clean room meet?
    The microfiber knitted cloth is knitted from polyester and nylon microfiber filaments. This wiping cloth increases the contact area with the wiping surface, and the wiping effect is better. Microfiber dust-free cloths are generally edge-sealed with lasers and ultrasonic waves.
  • 02-10-2022

    Happy New Year--Suzhou Myesde/Cleanroom wiper manufacture
    Happy New Year! Thank you for the love you have given in the past! In the new year, our team will continue to improve our products and services. We wish you good health and all the best in the new year! Due to factors such as the epidemic and the Spring Festival, as well as the accumulation of orders after the festival, the production staff did not arrive on time, and it was difficult to exert production efficiency.
  • 12-20-2021

    [Science Tips] l What standards should the cleanroom wiper in the clean room meet?
    The clean room should not only use a clean cloth, but also choose a clean cloth of the corresponding purification level. Only one hundred-class clean cloth can be used in a hundred-class clean room. The dust-free cloth is made of 100% polyester fiber double woven, the fiber diameter is small, so it is very soft, easy to wipe sensitive surfaces, friction does not detach the fiber, has good water absorption and cleaning efficiency. Therefore, the application field of the dust-free cloth is very wide, and the dust-free cloth can be used repeatedly after being properly cleaned. What standards does the clean cloth in the clean room need to meet? In fact, the clean cloth of a clean room is mainly considered and judged from two aspects:
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