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LED Helps Visual Digitization And Opens A Market

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LED Helps Visual Digitization And Opens A Market

"Hundred cities, thousand screens" spawned new opportunities ultra high definition large screens to accelerate the landing

On October 19,2021, the six departments jointly launched the notice of "Thousands of screens in 10 0 cities" UHD video landing promotion activity. After January two months, on January 10,2022, the six departments again issued the notice on the implementation guide of the "100 cities, One Thousand Screens" activity.

LED display is one of the main application areas of light-emitting diode, is the rapid rise of semiconductor photoelectric devices in recent years, it has a small volume, light weight, low voltage, small current, high luminance and light response speed, easy to use with transistors and integrated circuit, can be used in many fields, and is very popular in the global market.

   The total number of screens will exceed 100,000 in 2025

   The 14th Five-Year Plan for Chinese Film Development clearly points out that in the future, the market and industrial system will be improved, the reform of the film distribution and screening mechanism will continue to deepen, the market size will remain among the top in the world, and the annual box office of domestic films will account for more than 55%. By 2025, the total number of screens has exceeded 100,000. According to statistics from the end of September 2021, China had a total of 80,7243 screens, 14,235 cinemas, and more than 80,2300 movie screens by the end of September 2021, according to the State Film Administration.

The state vigorously advocates the information disclosure and visualization of government departments at all levels, and actively constructs "smart government affairs". However, as an important carrier of government information publicity, LED display screen gives full play to the advantages of energy conservation, environmental protection and good publicity effect, and is becoming more and more widely used. It will play an important role in epidemic prevention and control, Internet + supervision, paperless enrollment registration for primary and secondary schools, intelligent supervision of party and government conduct, the investigation of potential labor disputes, the comprehensive tax management of enterprises, the whole credit chain, and the procuratorial big data platform. LED display screen seamless, ultra HD display field images to provide help for decision-making, and split-screen display, rapid response, access and scheduling of various signals to provide information guarantee and decision support for the government to deal with all kinds of emergency events. Compared with traditional government affairs, in terms of government affairs publicity, LED display has replaced traditional forms such as banners, easy objects and wooden signs with its advantages of energy saving, long life, and content replaceable at any time, actively responding to the requirements of national energy conservation and environmental protection policies, and building a resource-saving and environment-friendly society. The domestic film market has continuously become the largest independent screening market at the global box office, and the largest number of cinema screens in the world. Attracting the attention of the global film industry, including content and equipment manufacturers. All these show that the domestic LED film large-screen system has a huge "potential advantage", first, in terms of brightness performance, LED large-screen and projection projection system are completely different. Projection system is often a picture quality bottleneck, especially the 3D projection picture quality bottleneck, is not enough brightness. The advantage of the large LED screen is the brightness and a special "low brightness, black room" mode in a movie screening. Second, in the display development, LED large screen system to achieve 8K movie screen, even higher resolution without pressure; and in the overall LED production, the requirement for precision dust free is also very high, at present in the domestic precision protective consumables, developed for precision wipe dust free cloth is good in the market.

In recent years, the LED display industry has made rapid progress in the field of front-end technology research and development, but also constantly tries to expand new fields and open a new blue ocean in the downstream application end. Based on the similarity of demand and channels, the commercial field represented by the conference tablet became the first target. However, in the past two years, the new applications, including cinema, education, is also in the education industry, actually has its particularity, wide coverage and uneven level contradiction, the contradiction of the pursuit of high quality and low cost, etc., plus over the years to the use of projection, LCD products habits, LED screen to really stand in the education industry, it is not an easy thing. However, all things are difficult at the beginning, in the initial stage of promotion, might as well set him a small goal "one school one screen". At present, domestic LED display is more well-known manufacturers, Liard,Lianjian Optoelectronics, Lehman Optoelectronics, Abison and so on

In fact, with the continuous progress of technical indicators, today's LED screens are no worse than other technologies in meeting the use needs of the education industry segmentation. For example, in terms of picture quality, 4K, 8K and other ultra HD resolution; eye protection, blue light damage can be reduced to almost like watching paper books, and naked eye 3D, AI technology to create new teaching methods, etc. All these give LED screens a foothold in the education industry. In May last year, Liaoning Institute of Finance and Trade purchased 106 Abison KLion series intelligent conference screens at one time, which is not only the first large-scale LED screen procurement demand in the education field, but also the first large-scale LED screen procurement in the education field in China. The typical significance of this matter is that it is the first for the LED screen big plan to enter the education industry.

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