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  • 10-20-2022

    IC Industry Counterattack Road Shenzhen's "Core" Strength
    The IC industry counterattack road of Shenzhen's "core" strength According to the recent white Paper on IC Industry Atlas and Regional Development in the series of white papers of Ali Cloud Innovation Center, chips are the base of the digital economy, running through the entire hardware and softwar
  • 11-04-2020

    How many nonwoven do you know?
    Spunlaced nonwovenSpunlace technology is the high-pressure fine water spray to one or more layers of fiber network, so that the fibers are tangled together, so that the network can be reinforced with a certain strength.Heat non-wovenThermal bonding non-woven fabric is added in the fiber network fib
  • 11-03-2020

    Types and characteristics of clean wipes
    In view of the variety of clean wiping cloth and more, the correct selection of clean cloth becomes a headache, clean wiping materials are now widely used in a variety of high-tech industries, from the general consumer electronics to bio-pharmaceutical, from general laboratory to the satellite factory, where there is a clean room where the need to clean the material clean, it is clean and so wiping material so wide range of applications, only the formation of a variety of products on the market all kinds of clean clean materials, the current market clean the main materials are the following categories:
  • 07-13-2020

    Can non-woven mask be washed?
    Can non-woven mask be washed? The non-woven mask cannot be cleaned. The non-woven mask is the same as the 3M dustproof mask. The filter material is treated with static electricity. Masks usually need to be replaced after 4-8 hours of use. The appearance of the mask is dirty and needs to be discarded
  • 07-11-2020

    What Are The Advantages Of Non-woven Fabric
    The non-woven fabrics have the advantages of softness, good air permeability and low weight. They are composed of 100% fiber with porosity,  so it's  easy to wash and keep the cloth dry. Besides,they are Non-toxic and non-irritating: the products are produced  in accordance with the FDA, without other chemical ingredients,so they are non-toxic and odor-free, and non-irritating to the skin. In addition,They can isolate the erosion of bacteria and insects in the liquid.The strength of antibacterial alkali corrosion products is not affected by erosion. The non-woven fabrics can be used for environmental recycling .For example, a non-woven shopping bag can be completely decomposed in 90 days and can be reused more than 10 times .Thus they are internationally recognized as  environmental protection products.
  • 07-10-2020

    What Can Nonwovens Do In Agriculture
    1. Transplanting and planting of garden trees. Before large-scale trees and small-scale seedlings are planted, non-woven fabric can be placed in the tree pit first, then planted, and then covered with nutritious soil. In this way, the survival rate of garden trees is high, and water and fertilizer a
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