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Suzhou Myesde Ultra Clean Technology Co., Ltd. is an integrated high-tech enterprise specialized in research and development, production, sales and service of cleanroom products, located in the ecological chain capital of global textile industry - Suzhou, China. Myesde develops and produces high-end cleanroom wipes, pre-wet cleanroom wipes, sterile cleanroom wipes, clean papers, anti-static clothing, anti-static gloves / finger sets etc., which are widely used in bio-pharmaceutical, medical& healthcare, aerospace, semi-conductor, precision instruments, IC, photovoltaic, automotive manufacturing etc. and other related industries and fields. 

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  taking the product quality as the core
  efficient enterprise management
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series m cleanroom dry wipes
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Why Choose Us

Cleanroom wipers manufacturer, creating international professional cleanroom wiper brand.

5000 square cleanroom wipers workshops, physical factories, Make OEM solutions for customers , Can meet the needs of customers in different industries,A national high-tech enterprise specializing in the development, production and sales of cleanroom wipers;
10 years of Alibaba Verified supplier, strength to create quality.

Strong technical strength and professional quality testing equipment

Introduced Japanese hotline multi-cutting technology, German ultrasonic cutting, and focused on solving the situation that cleanroom wipers which edge have yellow, hard, bevel, rough and chip removal.
Every process strictly implements the corresponding standards; a variety of cleanroom wipers quality testing equipments, fine quality inspection, to check the quality of cleanroom wipers.

High-tech enterprises with complete qualification patents and passing ISO ROSH double certification

Win 23 utility model patent certificates;
Cleanroom wipers test report is complete, national franchise production license certification, high professional.

Zero customer complaint, fast delivery, fast delivery within 24 hours

5 fully automated production lines, 500,000 pieces of cleanroom wiper per day capacity,and a 3,000-square warehouse storage and distribution center with sufficient stock.
Self-owned logistics and distribution car, can provide door to door delivery service.

Perfect after-sale system, high customer satisfaction and repurchase rate.

Set up a customer service center, customer service is available 24 hours one day, and answer questions anytime, anywhere;
Any quality problems of the product can be exchanged. Provide free testing and identification technical support;
Hotline: 400-0512-418

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    A very professional company to deal with. Will be ordering from them again in the future. 

    This supplier delivery goods very fast. Goods and cartons are packed well and not damaged.

    Very friendly & helpful. All done in perfect condition. And shipement n packing all when smooth n easy transaction.

Latest News

  • December,31, 2020
    Safety precautions for clean rooms

    a. No items are allowed to be placed within 1 meter of fire extinguishers and escape doors, and emergency escape routes should be kept unblocked. b. If abnormal conditions (unknown sounds, smoke, unknown smells, etc.) are found in the clean room, notify the supervisor immediately. c. It is forbidden for production personnel and unrelated personnel to modify the equipment password or operate the buttons privately. d. When adjusting the machine, the engineer should press the emergency stop switch and hang the warning sign of "Shutdown Maintenance/Repair". When the two people cooperate, they must follow the "Prompt! Answer! Stop! Confirm! Answer!". Do not press the button without any confirmation to avoid injury! e. When the alarm sounds, evacuate from the safe passage immediately, and immediately contact the supervisor with the equipment, and call fire alarm: 119, emergency: 120 or 110 as appropriate.

  • December,31, 2020
    Document file management

    a. SOP file data must be placed in the designated file folder, and SOP files of each site must be placed in a prominent place according to regulations, and must not be moved at will, let alone scribble. b. Ensure that the SOP documents used in the production line must be the latest version and within the validity period. The expired ones will be reviewed by the production supervisor and assigned to be destroyed. c. All items and documents on site must be placed in accordance with the on-site 6S standard. d. All documents and materials brought into the clean room must be printed on clean paper, and the packaging and casing must be cleaned with clean cloth + alcohol

Myesde will remain true to our original
aspiration,work hard for a glorious future with
our united efforts.Keep in mind the mission and
together we lead the clean to the world!




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