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IC Industry Counterattack Road Shenzhen's "Core" Strength

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The IC industry counterattack road of Shenzhen's "core" strength

According to the recent white Paper on IC Industry Atlas and Regional Development in the series of white papers of Ali Cloud Innovation Center, chips are the base of the digital economy, running through the entire hardware and software ecology and application scenarios. As is known to all, high-end chip design, advanced process chip manufacturing and other core technology and supporting equipment, materials, long-term by the United States, Japan, South Korea, Europe and other developed economies monopoly, but in recent years as the continuous attention of the chip industry, attracting more and more money, talent, chip design companies have sprung up, chip manufacturing to advanced process, core equipment and key material self-sufficiency steadily increased.

         China has rich downstream application scenarios, broad market space, long-term policy, capital and talent support, in the long run, the change of the international environment and will not prevent the progress of Chinese chip technology and the development of industry, it will accelerate the pace of scientific and technological innovation and technology self-improvement, the development of China's chip needs patience and confidence. China's integrated circuit industry has made great progress in recent years, said Deng Zhonghan, a member of the CPPCC National Committee and an academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering. At present, China is forming a relatively complete chip industry system, at the same time, China's integrated circuit industry development also has some prominent problems.

As a representative of Shenzhen integrated circuit industry, China Microelectronics "Key Technology of Co., Ltd.," together with Tsinghua University, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, and Southeast University, won the second prize of National Technological Invention in 2015. China Microelectronics, which has grown rapidly in recent years, is just a microcosm of Shenzhen integrated circuit (IC) industry, behind which is Shenzhen IC industry, which is firmly in the leading position in China. Cases such as China Microelectronics stunning the market with new technologies emerge in the fertile soil of Shenzhen IC industry. These new technologies have become an important catalyst to promote China's electronic products on the road of their own intellectual property rights.

Back in 2015, Hisi's first mobile phone chip using TSMC 16nm FinFET process Kirin 950 officially launched; Tongchuang Guoxin launched the first China's first ten million door level independent property rights Titan series high-performance FPGA; Huiding technology has officially launched the glass fingerprint identification scheme, Become the only company in the industry that can provide a full range of fingerprint recognition chips, including Coating, glass, sapphire, and IFSTM; Jiang Bolong Electronics and Marvell to start a strategic cooperation, And launch the SSD products with the latest technology; Beley and Changzhou two-dimensional carbon jointly launched graphene Z-Touch pressure touch sensor and 3D touch chip solution, Forming the world's first 3D touch solution using the graphene strain induction principle; Jiang Bolong Technology and IBM signed a cloud platform technology cooperation agreement, Help users to quickly build a safe and reliable Internet of Things cloud data service system. And Suzhou Maiside Supernet Technology Co., Ltd. developed a new generation of precision wipe dust-free cloth also plays a special clean protection role in the whole chip industry, Among them, Huiding Technology became the first Chinese chip design company to win the technology innovation award at the International Consumer Electronics Show held in the United States; Shenzhen IC enterprises have also won several awards in the 10th China Core selection, Including ZTE microelectronics multi-mode soft baseband chip, Duntai multi-touch mutual capacity chip won the "Best market performance product" award; Huiding technology glass cover plate fingerprint chip, Xinhai technology high precision low power consumption human health detection SOC chip, Core Zhihui high integration power management system won the "most potential product" award; National technology dual-interface smart card chip won the "safe and reliable product" award. At the same time, Shenzhen also for a new generation of information technology industry, robots, wearable devices and intelligent equipment and other strategic emerging industries, the future industry have introduced a series of support plan, through equity funding, loan discount, funding the corresponding enterprises, these are for the healthy development of IC industry to create a good policy environment.

Integrated circuit industry is the foundation of electronic information industry and modern industry. It is not only the core technology to transform and upgrade the traditional industries, but also the key point to promote the development of strategic emerging industries. In addition to the world factory, an important base of the electronic information industry, Shenzhen also has an "identity", that is, the IC design industry leader. As the leader of the domestic integrated circuit industry, the total sales of Shenzhen IC industry has led the country for four consecutive years.

As an industry leader, Hisi Semiconductor paves the way for innovation in global connectivity and end-to-end uHD video technology. From high-speed communications, smart devices, the Internet of Things to video applications, HiSilicon chipsets and solutions have been verified and certified in more than 100 countries and regions worldwide: For smart devices, HiSilicon's Kirin SoC provides high-performance, high-efficacy and ultra-intelligent mobile AI solutions to create a superior user experience. For AI applications, HiSilicon provides full scene AI chipset Ascend series SoC, AI from data center to edge and equipment, for data center, edge, consumer devices and Internet of things scenarios provide AI computing capabilities, and provide new solutions for safe city, automatic driving, cloud services, IT intelligence, intelligent manufacturing and robot innovative cases, to accelerate the implementation of AI in each field. For video applications, Hisi Semiconductor has launched the world's leading smart IP camera, smart set-top box and smart TV chips, providing end-to-end full 8K / 4K products and solutions focused on image recording, decoding and display.(From Xianji Network)

(From the network)

           With the development of the industry, picture quality technology and AI technology continue to mature, complement each other, and show a trend of stronger and stronger integration. Vision is not only a milestone in the process of biological evolution, but also one of the most important basic capabilities of the era of intelligent terminals. It is widely used in traffic management, consumer electronics, industrial intelligent manufacturing, intelligent vehicles and many other fields."No picture, no truth", vision is the most indispensable ability of these industries, which has experienced the continuous upgrading of visible, clear and understandable, accompanied

by the evolution from simulation to digital, networking and intelligence. In recent years, data, computing power and algorithms have been constantly improving, especially the combination

of video data and AI, which has greatly promoted the upgrade and wide application of intelligent terminals. Full networking and full HD have not only greatly improved the image quality, but also brought a huge amount of data. The intelligent conversion from video to structured data has become the focus of the industry development. Vision and AI are the key technologies in many fields of new infrastructure, and also the most important basic capabilities of intelligent terminals. Driven by data, algorithms and computing power, they constantly progress to meet the application needs of more industries and scenarios, and show a trend of stronger and stronger integration trend.

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