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  • 07-22-2020

    What Is Medical Non-woven Fabric?
    What is a medical nonwoven? Medical non-woven materials, with the continuous updating and rapid development of packaging materials for sterilized articles, medical non-woven fabrics as the final packaging materials for sterilized articles have gradually entered the disinfection supply centers of various hospitals at all levels.
  • 07-20-2020

    Current Trends And Opportunities Of Nonwovens
    The future of nonwovens will be interesting and potentially very beneficial. Although the nonwovens and textile industries share some traditions, the nonwovens industry has developed into a wide range of engineering fibers and polymer-based products that are driven by high speed, low cost, innovation, and value-added processes. The nonwovens industry has created an ecosystem based on automation and reduced its reliance on low-cost labor—therefore, the industry does not have to build production facilities in areas of the world where labor costs are low. Non-woven fabrics are usually produced and converted where they are sold to minimize transportation costs.
  • 07-20-2020

    What is non-woven?
    Definition of woven fabricsNonwovens are flexible, porous products consisting of one or more layers of fibers. The separated fibers may preferably be oriented in one direction or may be deposited in an irregular manner. They are combined into textiles by chemical, thermal or mechanical processes. No
  • 07-16-2020

    Coronavirus: How well do face masks protect against viruses, droplets and dust?
    Fearing coronaviruses, many people try to protect themselves with a surgical face mask. In many Chinese cities it is already compulsory to wear them. But do they really help stave off the virus?
  • 07-16-2020

    Is 100% Polypropylene Cloth Non-woven?
    Is 100% polypropylene cloth non-woven? 100% polypropylene fabric means that the ingredients contained in the product are all polypropylene. Non-woven fabric refers to the method or category of fabric production. There are three categories of non-woven fabrics, knitted fabrics and woven fabrics. Therefore, there is no necessary connection between "100% polypropylene fabric" and "non-woven fabric".
  • 07-15-2020

    What Is Non-woven Fabric
    In recent years, non-woven fabrics have become an extremely important part of the textile industry. Technical developments in polymer, nonwoven processing and fabric finishing have greatly improved the physical and mechanical properties of the fabric, including fabric handling and drape, tensile properties, abrasion resistance, pilling and washing stability, dyeing and printing , Creating a prospect for the application of nonwovens. Especially in clothing jackets.
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