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[Science Tips] l What standards should the cleanroom wiper in the clean room meet?

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The clean room should not only use a clean cloth, but also choose a clean cloth of the corresponding purification level. Only one hundred-class clean cloth can be used in a hundred-class clean room. The dust-free cloth is made of 100% polyester fiber double woven, the fiber diameter is small, so it is very soft, easy to wipe sensitive surfaces, friction does not detach the fiber, has good water absorption and cleaning efficiency. Therefore, the application field of the dust-free cloth is very wide, and the dust-free cloth can be used repeatedly after being properly cleaned. What standards does the clean cloth in the clean room need to meet? In fact, the clean cloth of a clean room is mainly considered and judged from two aspects:

The first level: functionality, refers to the physical characteristics of clean cloth. The main items that need attention include weight, water absorption, water absorption rate, etc. They all measure the water absorption of the clean cloth when in use. However, the amount of water absorption is sufficient to ensure that the wiped surface is wetted. Excessive water absorption will leave water stains on the wiping path, causing secondary pollution.


The second level: cleanliness, refers to the degree of pollution control of the dust-free cloth. Mainly include: non-volatile residue (NVR); anion and cation content and heavy metals; particle number (wet method) LPC. It is an indicator to ensure that the dust-free cloth will not introduce pollutants to the body to be wiped. Different from the Hanmke roller test particle number index commonly used in clean clothes, since the dust-free cloth is used in a wet method, the number of wet particles LPC is more representative and convincing.

The above indicators will be tested and reported. This is the common third-party SGS (Societe Generale de Surveillance S.A.) inspection report issued by Standard Technical Service Co., Ltd.


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