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  • 09-18-2020

    ESD Swabs in Sensitive Environments

    Controlling electrostatic discharge (ESD) is an important aspect of ensuring the quality of electrical components throughout manufacturing processes. By nature, some electronics are more sensitive to static than others, which is why many manufacturing plants have special environments like cleanrooms for keeping static at the lowest possible levels. While it’s equally important to protect electronics against ESD after manufacturing, such as throughout transport and device assembly procedures, controlling the levels in critical manufacturing environments is the first step to keeping your components intact.

  • 09-16-2020

    Disposable Apparel in Cleanrooms

    What is a Cleanroom?A cleanroom is a controlled environment used in manufacturing, laboratories, scientific research, pharmaceutical, and other industrial applications. Cleanroom environments have controlled, low levels of environment pollutants and contaminates. The cleanliness of cleanrooms are me

  • 09-10-2020

    If You Run A Cleanroom, Here’s How Harmony Fits In

    At Myesde we know that cleanrooms require special attention and products when it comes to maintaining the operation of your controlled environment. If you run or manage a cleanroom, we offer great products designed just for use in cleanrooms of all types.

  • 09-08-2020

    The 4 Most Common Cleanroom Contaminators

    Maintaining a cleanroom environment has unique challenges because it’s constantly being exposed to a number of contaminants. To stabilize your company’s particle count, identifying your leading sources of contamination is critical. While these sources may vary from one organization to the next, the most common contaminators tend to be similar across most industries.

    Here, we discuss four of the most widespread culprits of contamination in cleanroom environments, along with strategies for combating each source:

  • 09-07-2020

    Clean Optical Surfaces with Microfiber

    Great care goes into the manufacturing and finishing of optical surfaces, and there are many challenges that can compromise finished product integrity. These optical devices include multiple applications, from consumer to industrial, in a variety of industries such as; automotive, electronic display

  • 08-25-2020

    Contaminants And Wiping Theory-Choosing the right tools and methods

    1. Pick up the quarterfolded wipeat open edge.
    2. Grasp unfolded edge between thumb and forefinger.
    3. Wipe starting at the rear with a damp folded wiper
    4. Wipe in one direction only ensure contaminant removal and prevent redeposition.
    5. Use fresh area of the wiper for each stroke
    6. Each stroke should slightly overlap the previous one
    7. At the end of stroke, lift while pulling to remove contamination

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