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Is 100% Polypropylene Cloth Non-woven?

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Is 100% Polypropylene Cloth Non-woven?

Is 100% polypropylene cloth non-woven? 100% polypropylene fabric means that the ingredients contained in the product are all polypropylene. Non-woven fabric refers to the method or category of fabric production. There are three categories of non-woven fabrics, knitted fabrics and woven fabrics. Therefore, there is no necessary connection between "100% polypropylene fabric" and "non-woven fabric".


The definition of non-woven fabrics is: sheets, webs or batts made by orienting or randomly arranging fibers by rubbing, embracing, bonding or a combination of these methods. Non-woven fabric is a material processing technology that originates from textiles, but goes beyond textiles. Non-woven products combine the four flexible materials processing technologies of textile, paper, leather and plastic, and the finished products have a network structure.


The non-woven scientific name is non-woven fabric, that is, the cloth is made without interlacing of warp and weft yarns, which means no woven fabric. There are many types of non-woven fabric manufacturing processes, and their uses vary widely.


Polypropylene is a raw material used in the manufacturing process of non-woven fabrics, and it is also common in life. For example, many cups are made of PP and polypropylene.


Polypropylene is widely used in non-woven fabrics such as spunbond, meltblown, hot rolling and other processes, and is mostly used in medical and sanitary materials. To put it more generally, most of the non-woven shopping bags in supermarkets are polypropylene spunbond, and the filter elements in domestic water purifiers are polypropylene meltblown materials. The surface layer of some baby diapers is polypropylene spunbond or hot rolled.


Generally speaking, the industry will not say that "100% polypropylene fabric is non-woven fabric." Nowadays, the technology is more developed, and 100% polypropylene fibers may also be used for fabrics (clothes, knitwear).


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