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Current Trends And Opportunities Of Nonwovens

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Current Trends And Opportunities Of Nonwovens

The future of nonwovens will be interesting and potentially very beneficial.

Although the nonwovens and textile industries share some traditions, the nonwovens industry has developed into a wide range of engineering fibers and polymer-based products that are driven by high speed, low cost, innovation, and value-added processes. The nonwovens industry has created an ecosystem based on automation and reduced its reliance on low-cost labor—therefore, the industry does not have to build production facilities in areas of the world where labor costs are low. Non-woven fabrics are usually produced and converted where they are sold to minimize transportation costs.

The industry uses technologies from the pulp and paper and extrusion industries, for example, to produce the required products at a reasonable cost. For many years, automatic conversion has been an important part of the nonwovens supply chain. Today, the industry can produce more than 1,000 diapers per minute.

Obviously, high-speed, high-volume and low-unit cost production requires full automation. This means that the short-term operation and flexibility of the product becomes limited.

Today's nonwoven industry includes raw material suppliers, coil producers, converters/manufacturers of final products, machinery industries supporting the first three categories, auxiliary material suppliers, winding, slitting, packaging equipment manufacturers, and other industries . This list is not as clear as people think, because different levels of vertical and horizontal integration in the industry further blur the picture. Globally, the nuances of the local market and economy make the situation more complicated.

However, it is clear that the nonwovens industry will continue to be adaptable, creative, and ruthless opportunism. This means that in the near future, there may be a range of products that can replace more traditional textiles-some may see it as an opportunity, while others may consider it as a threat.


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