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Industry wipes-jumbo roll

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The large roll paper uses a special water process to spray high-pressure water onto the multi-layer fiber web to make the fibers entangle with each other, thereby making the fibers stronger. The upper layer of wood pulp fiber ensures efficient absorption performance and can wipe stubborn stains; the lower layer of polyester fiber makes the product tougher and more wear-resistant, not easy to shed lint, and can wipe precision devices.

●High absorption performance, water absorption and oil absorption are respectively 60% and 75% higher than traditional wiping products;

●High strength under both wet and dry conditions, meeting daily wiping needs;

●Extremely low chipping and no hair dust after wiping, meeting the requirements of the process environment;

●No fading, no silicone resin, ensuring process safety;

●Health and safety: no heavy metals or pathogenic bacteria;

● Packing: 25*35CM*500 sheets/roll, color: blue and white.

●Scope of application: automobile manufacturing, mechanical and electrical machinery, machine tools, instrumentation, precision equipment, steel rolling production, printing, chemical industry, etc.


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