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What Can Nonwovens Do In Agriculture

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What Can Nonwovens Do In Agriculture

1. Transplanting and planting of garden trees. Before large-scale trees and small-scale seedlings are planted, non-woven fabric can be placed in the tree pit first, then planted, and then covered with nutritious soil. In this way, the survival rate of garden trees is high, and water and fertilizer are preserved.

2. In winter, greenhouse and open field seedlings are covered with floating surface (specification: 25-30g / 280cm). It can prevent the wind from blowing and increase the temperature. One side of the seedbed shall be compacted with soil, the other side shall be compacted with brick and soil, or small arch shed made of bamboo or thick wire shall be used to cover the non-woven fabric, and the surrounding shall be compacted with brick or soil for heat preservation. The covered vegetables and flowers need to be exposed to the sun in the morning and covered in the evening. The temperature of 10 cm from the surface can be increased by 2 ℃, the ground temperature can be increased by 1-2 ℃, and the vegetables can be put on the market 5-7 days ahead of schedule after being covered with floating surface, and the yield can be increased by about 15%.

3. For the ceiling. A non-woven fabric is used as the ceiling in the greenhouse and plastic shed. The distance between the ceiling and the plastic shed film is 15-20cm. A thermal insulation layer is formed, which can increase the temperature of the shed by 3-5 ℃, open in the day and close at night. Only when the interlayer is closed tightly can it be effective.

4. It can be covered outside the small arch shed (specification 80-100g / 280cm), instead of straw curtain for heat preservation, which saves 20% of the cost and greatly prolongs the service life; it can also be covered with a layer of non-woven fabric and plastic film on the small arch shed, which can increase the temperature by 5-8 ℃.

5. For sun protection. Covering the seedbed directly with non-woven fabric, covering in the morning and uncovering in the evening, can effectively improve the whole seedling. Vegetables, flower seedlings, medium seedlings, can be directly covered on the seedlings in summer.

6. Before the cold wave, tea, flowers and other crops that are vulnerable to frost damage can be directly covered with non-woven fabric, which can effectively reduce the loss of frost damage.


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