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  • 11-19-2020

    Analysis of the use and purchase of nonwovens

    a. The medical non-woven fabric is made of PP material, PP is polypropylene. If the material is naturally decomposed in the outdoors, the longest life expectancy is only 150 days. It will decompose within 3 years when it is in the room, , and without any leftovers, so as not to pollute the environment, so environmental protection comes from.

  • 11-17-2020

    The relationship between nonwovens and clean cloth and spunbond cloth

    The relationship between nonwovens and clean cloth and spunbond cloth
    Spunbond and nonwovens are subordinate. The production of non-woven fabrics has many production processes, of which the spunbond method is one of the non-woven production process (including spunbond method, meltblown method, hot rolling method, water assassination method, is the use of spunbond production of non-woven fabrics)
    Non-woven fabrics according to the composition, there are polyester, polypropylene, nylon, spandex, acrylic, etc .; different ingredients will be very different non-woven style. The spunbond cloth, usually refers to the polyester spunbond, polypropylene spunbond; and these two cloth style is very close, through the high temperature test to identify.

  • 07-20-2020

    Current Trends And Opportunities Of Nonwovens

    The future of nonwovens will be interesting and potentially very beneficial.

    Although the nonwovens and textile industries share some traditions, the nonwovens industry has developed into a wide range of engineering fibers and polymer-based products that are driven by high speed, low cost, innovation, and value-added processes. The nonwovens industry has created an ecosystem based on automation and reduced its reliance on low-cost labor—therefore, the industry does not have to build production facilities in areas of the world where labor costs are low. Non-woven fabrics are usually produced and converted where they are sold to minimize transportation costs.

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