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Medical Non-woven Fabric

The Medical Non-woven Fabric is a new design, through excellent processing technology and high-quality raw materials, the performance of Medical Non-woven Fabric up to a higher standard. We are perfect for every detail of the Medical Non-woven Fabric, guarantee the quality level, so as to bring you the perfect product experience. Myesde is a professional China Medical Non-woven Fabric manufacturer and supplier, if you are looking for the best Medical Non-woven Fabric with low price, consult us now!

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Medical Non-woven Fabric

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  • 11-19-2020

    Analysis of the use and purchase of nonwovens

    a. The medical non-woven fabric is made of PP material, PP is polypropylene. If the material is naturally decomposed in the outdoors, the longest life expectancy is only 150 days. It will decompose within 3 years when it is in the room, , and without any leftovers, so as not to pollute the environment, so environmental protection comes from.

  • 07-27-2020

    Advantages Of Medical Disinfection Non-woven Fabric

    1. It is made of polypropylene spinning directly laid into a net and hot bonded. The strength of the product is better than that of the general staple fiber product. The strength of the product has no directionality and the vertical and horizontal strength are similar; 2. It is easy to filter becaus

  • 07-16-2020

    Is 100% Polypropylene Cloth Non-woven?

    Is 100% polypropylene cloth non-woven? 100% polypropylene fabric means that the ingredients contained in the product are all polypropylene. Non-woven fabric refers to the method or category of fabric production. There are three categories of non-woven fabrics, knitted fabrics and woven fabrics. Therefore, there is no necessary connection between "100% polypropylene fabric" and "non-woven fabric".

  • 07-15-2020

    What Is Non-woven Fabric

    In recent years, non-woven fabrics have become an extremely important part of the textile industry. Technical developments in polymer, nonwoven processing and fabric finishing have greatly improved the physical and mechanical properties of the fabric, including fabric handling and drape, tensile properties, abrasion resistance, pilling and washing stability, dyeing and printing , Creating a prospect for the application of nonwovens. Especially in clothing jackets.

  • 07-11-2020

    What Are The Advantages Of Non-woven Fabric

    The non-woven fabrics have the advantages of softness, good air permeability and low weight. They are composed of 100% fiber with porosity,  so it's  easy to wash and keep the cloth dry. Besides,they are Non-toxic and non-irritating: the products are produced  in accordance with the FDA, without other chemical ingredients,so they are non-toxic and odor-free, and non-irritating to the skin. In addition,They can isolate the erosion of bacteria and insects in the liquid.The strength of antibacterial alkali corrosion products is not affected by erosion. The non-woven fabrics can be used for environmental recycling .For example, a non-woven shopping bag can be completely decomposed in 90 days and can be reused more than 10 times .Thus they are internationally recognized as  environmental protection products.

  • 07-05-2020

    What Is Medical Non-woven Fabric?

    What Is Medical Non-woven Fabric?What is a medical nonwoven? Medical non-woven materials, with the continuous updating and rapid development of packaging materials for sterilized articles, medical non-woven fabrics as the final packaging materials for sterilized articles have gradually entered the d

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