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What are the factors that affect the quality of nonwovens?

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What are the factors that affect the quality of nonwovens?

Nonwovens are non-woven fabrics that are chemically processed. Is a breathable, soft and other advantages of the new fiber products. Today to introduce the various factors that affect the quality of nonwovens.

1, spinning box body temperature should be slightly higher, its purpose is to increase the melt flow performance, to ensure the smooth spinnerets, but the cabinet temperature is too high will occur a large number of broken silk, wool, not conducive to production Smooth progress.

2, the melt temperature is too low, due to the viscosity is too high, so that the melt in the spinneret hole shear stress increases, resulting in melt fracture, poor spinnability, fabric and silk.

3, the extruder zone temperature, the temperature is too high, easily lead to the section of the feed inlet loop knot can not feed, if the temperature is too low, it will increase the melting section pressure, the slice can not be all thaw, resulting in feed resistance.

4, melt pressure is low, uneven melt distribution, the formation of the melt flow thickness varies, the surface is not structured; melt pressure is too high, easily lead to melt fracture.

5, spinning speed affect the stability of the spinning, spinning speed is low, spinneret holes from the spinneret in the discharge of the small number of melt flow, easy to cool, only a small amount of cooling air to meet the process needs .

Of course, many factors affect the quality of nonwovens, the above is just a few, most importantly, the production should be carefully responsible.

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