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What Kind Of Material Is Used For Dust-free Wipes?

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What Kind Of Material Is Used For Dust-free Wipes?

If we divide according to the weaving method, the clean cloth can be divided into: S-plain, D-knit; if it is sealed, it can be divided into: no edge sealing (cold cutting), ultrasonic narrow sealing


The dust-free cloth adopts 100% continuous polyester fiber double weaving method. The surface is very soft and can be used to wipe the surface of sensitive objects. During the test rubbing, the dust generation is low, and the friction does not fall off the fiber, which has a good The liquid absorbing property and the non-fog after wiping, no watermark and no trace cleaning effect, suitable for use in a dust-free purification workshop. The dust-free cloth, dust-free cloth, and micro-fiber dust-free cloth are edge-sealed by the most advanced edge trimming machine in the edge of the microfiber wiper. Any particles and thread ends, and the ability to remove stains is also very strong. It     can be sealed with two sides of the edge, and the other two sides can be heat-sealed, or the edge-sealing method of the four-sided edge, so that it can provide better edge protection.


Dust-free cloth, dust-free cloth, microfiber dust-free cloth, micro-fiber cloth with 100% continuous polyester fiber double-woven fabric surface soft, can be used to wipe sensitive surfaces, low dust production and friction without fiber, Good water absorption and cleaning efficiency. Especially suitable for dust-free purification workshops. The edges of the dust-free cloth, dust-free cloth, micro-fiber dust-free cloth and micro-fiber cloth are edge-sealed by the most advanced edge trimming machine. After wiping, no particles and thread ends are left, and the decontamination ability is strong. It can be sealed with two sides, the other two sides are heat sealed, or the four sides are sealed to provide better edge protection.

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