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Safety precautions for clean rooms

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Safety precautions for clean rooms

a. No items are allowed to be placed within 1 meter of fire extinguishers and escape doors, and emergency escape routes should be kept unblocked.

b. If abnormal conditions (unknown sounds, smoke, unknown smells, etc.) are found in the clean room, notify the supervisor immediately.

c. It is forbidden for production personnel and unrelated personnel to modify the equipment password or operate the buttons privately.

d. When adjusting the machine, the engineer should press the emergency stop switch and hang the warning sign of "Shutdown Maintenance/Repair". When the two people cooperate, they must follow the "Prompt! Answer! Stop! Confirm! Answer!". Do not press the button without any confirmation to avoid injury!

e. When the alarm sounds, evacuate from the safe passage immediately, and immediately contact the supervisor with the equipment, and call fire alarm: 119, emergency: 120 or 110 as appropriate.

f. You can escape the clean room as quickly as possible without taking off clean clothes, shoes, etc. in emergency escape.

g. Call for help and help colleagues to escape in an emergency. Don't be crowded or trampled.

h. After contact in an emergency, wait for notification to change new clean clothes, shoes, masks, gloves, and net caps before entering the clean room.

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