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Control and method of entering and exiting clean room

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Control and method of entering and exiting clean room

Production operator

a. After special training and assessment

b. Must strictly follow the requirements of "Clean Room Management Regulations"

c. Good health and no infectious diseases

d. Obey the management of the site supervisor

e. Carry-on items must strictly follow the requirements of clean room item control


Precautions for entering and exiting the air shower

a. After wearing dust-free clothes and shoes, you must clean them with sticky rollers before entering the air shower, and then enter the clean room

b. Line up to enter the air shower room, and the number of people entering each time shall not exceed the limit number

c. In the air shower room, the personnel should raise their hands and turn three times. They should not block the air outlet with their hands, should not lean against the wall, or make noise or crowding.

d. After washing, open the door and walk out after hearing the prompt tone

e. Enter the clean room after leaving the wind shower room, no loud noises, no running in non-emergency situations

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