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Contaminants And Wiping Theory-Cleanroom contaminants

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Contaminants And Wiping Theory-Cleanroom contaminants

Contaminants And Wiping Theory – Outline

Cleanroom contaminants

Sources of contamination

Particle adhesion mechanisms

Contaminant removal methods

Considerations for contaminant removal

Choosing the right tools and methods

Myesde Cleanroom Wipes


1597641433(1)    Cleanroom contaminants

 l  Particles

     A solid object that, as a general rule, 

       measures from 0.0001 to 1000 micrometers 

       (microns) in size


    A solid object with an approximate length to width ratio of 10 : 1

 Residues, films, and coatings


 Biological / molecular

    Contaminants that are, or once were, a living organism

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