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Clean room discipline

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Clean room discipline

a. It is forbidden to whisper about things that are not related to work, and it is forbidden to do large physical movements on the machine.

b. It is forbidden to walk around at will, and to change jobs without the permission of the site leader.

c. It is forbidden to sit on the ground or lie on the equipment (except when the engineer is repairing and debugging).

d. It is forbidden to open clothes buttons or zippers in a clean room, and scribble on clean clothes, shoes, and gloves is prohibited. Damaged gloves should be replaced immediately.

e. It is forbidden for many people to gather together (except for emergencies or meetings).

f. It is forbidden to run or make large body movements to avoid causing dust.

g. It is forbidden to pull down the mask and roll up the sleeves to expose the skin.

h. If you need to drink water and go to the bathroom during work, notify the on-site team leader. You can leave after getting approval and return within 15 minutes. Note that smoking is not allowed during this period.

i. Any product abnormality should be notified immediately to the site leader or production supervisor.

j. The product should be handled with care and placed in the corresponding marked area according to the SOP.

k. Do not contradict colleagues or supervisors, and communicate with supervisors to resolve any problems encountered.


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