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Use Of Non-woven Fabrics

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Use Of Non-woven Fabrics

Characteristics of non-woven fabrics


A group of special characteristics that non-woven fabrics may have depends on the combination of various factors in their production. The range of features is wide.

Nonwoven fabrics may look like paper, feel like, or similar woven fabrics.

They may have a soft, flexible hand, they may be hard, they may be rigid, they may be wide, they may have little flexibility.

They may be as thin as paper towels, or several times as thick.

They can also be translucent or opaque.

Their porosity can range from low tear and burst strength to very high tensile strength.

They can be made by gluing, heating or sewing.

This kind of fabric has good and bad drapability.

Some fabrics have excellent washing properties; others don't. Some can be dry cleaned.




Nonwovens are designed to provide specific properties to suit the desired end use. For example, diapers can be made of two different layers of non-woven fabric: the outer layer is made of polyester fiber treated with wetting agent, which can make the liquid penetrate quickly, but the lateral wear is the least; the inner layer is absorbent rayon. The thin, highly filtered non-woven fabric for medical masks can be composed of micro denier fibers. Research continues to achieve or exceed some of the properties of cloth of traditional construction.


Use of non-woven fabrics


The use of nonwovens continues to expand. Nonwovens can be divided into disposable goods, durable consumer goods and industrial materials. All these regions are increasingly using this commodity because of its low cost and suitability for many needs.

Disposable nonwovens are mainly used for disposable use; however, some, such as dishcloth, may be washed and reused several times.

General uses include personal hygiene products, such as diapers and sanitary napkins; medical products, such as surgical suits and curtains; surgical and industrial masks, bandages, wipes and towels; bibs and even clothing for special occasions.

Durable nonwovens are widely used. Durable consumer goods include household goods and furniture, such as curtains, furniture mats, mattresses, towels, tablecloths, blankets and carpet mats, as well as reinforcement materials for clothing and apparel, such as hats, interlinings, interlinings, interlinings and other fabrics.

Many industrial uses include filters, insulating materials, packaging materials, subgrade stabilization sheets or road building materials, Geotextiles and roofing products.


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